Smudging is an ancient practice for cleansing and transmuting low vibrational energies; native americans believe the act of smudging helps to carry our prayers and meditations to the heavens. Our Sage Smudge wands utilize ceremonial white sage and other herbs to help with clearing and manifesting in our homes, workplace, and othe Sacred Spaces. 

Smudge Wands (Rose & Sage)

  • All Items are Curio only, consult your physician before starting any herbal regimen.

    Light wand until sage begins to smolder, allow room or home to get smoky, open window or door after 5 to 10 minutes for fumes and low vibrational energies to exit the space. Be sure to extinguish smudge wand before leaving the room or home, also be sure to use fire proof bowl or dish for smudging.

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